Saturday, August 6, 2016

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I m Vineesh Kodoth, Lets begins my lesson for make huge money through online.
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All are searching daily How to make extra money?

Some ones search jobs...
Some ones searching business opportunities...
Some ones investing cash to various programmes...

Finally failed with all things...

Here i says that,  Create one news portal/information portal of your home city, then create one facebook page, invite all members to that page, then ad google advertisements,

Post one photo then sahre to facebook at least 10000 viewers in your page, all are viewing this post finally they click ads, we can expect 1000 peoples click the post , almost Rs.10 will pay by google per click then, you will get 1000*10=10000 perday, monthly 3 lakhs, is very possible, invite more friends to facebook page make huge money.
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