Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kerala Blogger Nirmal Balachandran Making 1 lakh and above through Google Adsense

Nirmal is the founder of the blog, and he is a Kerala based blogger. He has worked for Infosys on Microsoft .net technology.

Quit his day job in 2010 and started making the full-time income from blogging.

Approximate AdSense earnings: $1500 every month
Estimated Traffic: 65,000 visits every day (According to SEMrush)
Alexa Rank: 64,707
What topics does he cover on his blog?

You will find all the mobiles, technology gadgets reviews and in-depth user experience on this blog. Lately, many Indians have started focusing on launching mobile review sites as they have the potential to increase your search traffic by covering the latest mobile reviews at any given time!

Takeaway: One of the quickest ways to increase your traffic and AdSense earnings is to start a blog on technology, mobile review sites. They pull a lot of traffic if you keyword research done right. Also, make sure to build lots of backlinks to get high search rankings so you can increase your AdSense income.

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