Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Make money with your photos


When you upload your images or videos to Fotolia you are showcasing your work to millions of buyers around the world, 24/7. Thanks to Fotolia’s reseller network, your creations are promoted by hundreds of partners, giving even more visibility to your portfolio (whether directly or through print-on-demand activities).Thanks to huge daily sales volumes and royalties of up to 63% of the sales price, Fotolia has in a few years become the European leader in the Microstock industry. There are no registration or portfolio management fees and you could potentially earn thousands of dollars every month.


For every image or video sold, you receive a commission determined by your ranking and chosen exclusivity options:

For content sold via our Pay-As-You-Go system you receive between 20% and 63% of the sale price
For content sold via Subscription you will receive 33% of the sale price for images or 35% of the sale price for videos, with a minimum guarantee.

Learn more about the Royalty Structure
Once you earn 50 Credits you can withdraw them as cash using Paypal or Skrill*. Fotolia does not charge transaction fees.
Note: To prevent fraud, all members must wait at least 45 days after their first sale before they can withdraw their cash.
*Credits are converted into the currency of the country your Fotolia account was created in.
To sell your files on Fotolia you must:
Be at least 18 years of age
Be the exclusive author of every file you upload
Own or have authorization for all the rights to the elements represented in your files (e.g. products, people, property)

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